2021 Republican Club at Heritage Ranch Board

Marketing and Communications

The goals of the 2021 Republican Club at Heritage Ranch board is to:

a. Staff, train, and maintain organization

b. Develop succession plan for Club Officers

c. Plan and provide best possible meetings for 2021

d. Maintain membership at greater than 400

e. Complete the Single Data Base Entry Project

f. Influence Texas Legislators on Texas GOP Priority Legislation

Under the Leadership of the President Jack DeSimone, the Board is detailed below


President - Jack DeSimone   469-222-6351   jack.desimone@gmail.com

Immediate Past President - Ted Puchacz   972-523-5986   tpop109@gmail.com

Treasurer - Philip LaRose   214-250-9920, 972-363-2495    philar12@yahoo.com

Secretary - Tim Borck    214-770-4915    tjpb@sbcglobal.net 

Historian - Maureen Everett   408-309-2845, 972-363-0219    everett_maureen@yahoo.com

Director of Meetings - Joan van Vliet   469 667 4774,   972-549-0120   joanvanvliet@gmail.com

Director of Marketing and Communications - Clayton Barns  214-632-141 cabarns@grandecom.net

Director of Membership - Ron Samuels 214-415-3295  hudson1941@msn.com

Director of Legislative and Campaign Activities - Ben Brown   972-363-0620 jbenbrownpe@msn.com 

See the organization chart for more details