Hit List

Original 7/15/19 Document from Ted Puchacz to do list:

LAST UPDATED: 7/23/19 @ 3:20am

  1. Home Page

    • Links to About, Contact Us, Campaign and Elections, Government, Republican Party, and Members/Sponsors Only pages

    • General promotional/info article

    • Promotion for next scheduled club meeting including link to Eventbrite

    • Paid ads

  2. About Page

    • Brief History of Club

    • List of Current Officers with email addresses

    • Purposes of Club

    • Organizations that our Club cooperates with and their links

  3. Calendar of Events Page

    • Calendar that shows

      • Scheduled club events

      • Key Election Dates

    • Articles about up-coming events with links to other organizations for more info if RCHR is not the lead sponsor

  4. *Members and Sponsors Only Section

    • Ability for a M/S to check their own dues status

    • Feedback Section- Does this duplicate the Contact Page?

    • Survey page with feedback

  5. Contact Us Page

    • Reply page- that requires name, contact info and subject of contact/request

    • List of Current Officers with email addresses


Jerry placed the remainder of Ted's Document here, so that the EXEC team can review and decide on what will be in Phase 2, Phase 3, etc...

Note that some of these items will already be included in Phase 1 as Georgina has already populated content on the site.  Also note that #1 below is actually #6 in Ted's list... Jerry will fix this as soon as I update the HTML List code (Tomorrow).

  1. Campaign and Elections Page

    • *Articles about Campaigns and Republican Candidates

    • *Election Calendar- A more detailed calendar with only election related dates

    • Voter Registration Info and link to Collin County Elections office/website and Texas Sec. of State office/website

    • Sample Ballots for Precinct 179

    • During November General Elections, as list of Republican Candidates on the ballot

    • Perhaps during campaign season, links to candidates and/or candidate campaigns

  2. Local Government Page

    • Feature article

    • Collin County Page

      • *Article(s) about recent County activities

      • Links to County website and directory

    • Fairview Page

      • *Article(s) about recent Town activities

      • Links to Town website and directory

    • Lovejoy ISD Page

      • *Article(s) about recent LISD activities

      • Links to LISD website and directory

  3. State Government Page

    • *Article(s) about recent Texas state government activities

    • Links to key state of Texas websites and directories

  4. US Government Page

    • Article(s) about recent US government activities

    • Links to key state of US government websites and directories

  5. Republican Party Pages (Members Only?)

    • Collin County Republican Party

      • Article(s) about recent/up-coming CCGOP activities

      • Links to CCGOP website and directory

    • Texas

      • Article(s) about recent/up-coming Texas GOP activities

      • Links to Texas GOP website and directory

    • National

      • Article(s) about recent/up-coming NRP activities

      • Links to NRP website and directory

  6. *Articles of Interest- Members/Sponsors Only

    • “Position Papers”

    • Issues discussion page

  7. Supporters Page

    • Paid ads of RCHR Club supporters

Phase 2.

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Phase 3.

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Phase 4.