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Legislative and Campaign Committee

The Legislative and Campaign Committees, directed by Ben Brown are comprised of three committees.

Sue Reeves is the Elected Officials Committee Chair.  This committee has four sub-committees, Lovejoy ISD, Fairview Town Council, Collin County, and Collin County GOP.  Members of these committees are building relationships with elected officials, attending the public meetings of these local government entities and reporting back to the Club on significant events.


The Legislative Committee responsibilities are to follow key legislative activities at the state and federal levels and to report key issues and events to the Club. 


The Campaign Activities Committee is charged with the Club’s Get Out the Vote efforts.  In 2020, there will be many activities happening after the Spring primary elections.


Current Members are Roy Serpa, Tim Borck, Richard Carron, and Ursula Johnston. Contact Ben Brown if you are interested in any of the committees.  He will be contacting you to help as well.