Nov 3rd, 2020 Election

Nov 3, 2020 General Election

This election now includes the races for federal, state, and local offices plus the postponed races for LISD Board of Trustees and Fairview Town Council. Click the PDF to see the Republican Candidates for Precinct 179 on Nov 3rd election. Click the PDF to see the sample ballot



Key Dates for the Nov 3rd General Election

  • Mon Oct 5th - Last Day to Register to Vote                                                   Sample   Ballot  

  • Mon Oct 13th – Fri Oct 30 - Early Voting

  • Fri Oct 23rd - Last Day to apply for Ballot by Mail (received, not postmarked)

Note: In this election you will not be able to vote a straight Republican ticket by checking one box on the ballot.  You can only vote race by race and you should vote for each Republican candidate.  If you vote for a non-Republican candidate and it is a close race, you may have liberal, tax and spend socialist-leaning person representing you.  If you do not vote for any candidate in each race, you will be allowing someone else to determine who will represent you in the future.  So please vote for each Republican candidate in each race. 


Ballot By Mail Process

If you do not currently receive a mail-in ballot and wish to vote by mail in the November 3rd Election, please click on the Ballot By Mail Process pdf where you will find a description of the process and pertinent links for additional information for receiving a mail-in ballot. 



Application for Ballot By Mail Form

Click on the pdf for the Application for Ballot By Mail Form 

Click on the pdf for Detailed Questions and Answers About Ballot by Mail

The attachment does not answer the questions “Should I return my ballot by mail or hand-deliver it or just vote in-person.”  The voter will have to assess the risks of each course of action as they relate to their own peroneal situation.  However it should be apparent that hand-delivering a ballot may require the voter to stand in line and fight the parking at the Main Elections Office.



Voting Times and Locations:

Click on the document to open



Republican Candidates

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